Save the music

by The Simpsonian

KSTM radio station is on its way out. Simpson’s Student Senate does not feel the radio station is worth its cost. The group wants to fade the music off the air.

Last year, with an increase in its budget, the station was able to do some promotion.

Despite the valiant effort by the radio staff, Senate does not see any potential in the station.

Why not take the radio station and turn it into a part of the communication curriculum?

Most colleges do have working radio stations that students can use for their advantage. Communications majors or any interested students could get real experience in broadcasting.

Students could sign up for a KSTM practicum and spend so many hours a week working as a disk jockey. for the radio station. As a part of the requirement, students could be required to play so many minutes of music, so many minutes of commercials and so many of commentary. Students could also broadcast sporting events and run through Simpson sports scores at the top of the hour. The possibilities are endless.

Students who signed up for the practicum could also be required to do a promotional ad. They could design new stickers, t-shirts, have CD giveaways or band interviews.

The real life experience gained by the student could be immeasurable as well as improvements made to the station.

An adviser could give an outline to students. The student would have to bring in tapes of their shows or outline how the CD giveaway would work, to meet their requirements.

This option, of course, would still require a budget for the station. The budget would obviously cover the upkeep of the facility but also allow students to work with a budget to promote the station and give them the opportunity to run a real business. This investment by the Student Senate could save the music.