CAB president resigns

I am resigning my position as Campus Activities Board President. I was elected to represent the student body – to do what is in their best interest. I have been repeatedly denied this opportunity. The only option I have left is to bring to light the various issues that have hampered my ability to lead effectively.

I will be brief.

CAB is a pawn of the administration. We are not given the responsibility or opportunity to make decisions that effect the organization. We set up. We take down. We are not taken seriously.

The problems surrounding CAB – the low attendance at our best events, and the lukewarm reception to nearly all events – are clear. CAB members honestly want to be productive. We’ve just been doing things the same way, over and over again, for years. There is resistance to change.

I want to emphasize that I do not believe a single individual is responsible for the problem at hand. Rather administration has not adapted to the paradigm shift that has occurred in student government.

Key decisions are made by a select few in private meetings not meant to be discussed elsewhere. Ideas, such as shopping responsibly for CAB materials, have been dismissed with offhanded excuses and stifled before discussion is raised.

This is not a healthy relationship. It often feels as if the students and administration are at odds. Since any discussion concerning these fundamental issues is quickly siphoned away into one-on-one meetings, they are not addressed.

Kim Lamon

Former Campus Activities Board President