Simpson FCA joins fellowship, fun and Christianity with athletics

Simpson FCA joins fellowship, fun and Christianity with athletics

by Jessica McDonald

Participation in athletics can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be very demanding. Simpson College’s chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes has many plans this year to create an outlet for Simpson’s athletes by getting more involved with intercollegiate athletics.

Miranda Lund, one of the four leaders of the group has several goals for the upcoming year.

“We want to increase our membership and get our name out on campus,” said Lund, one of the group’s four leaders.

Another goal for FCA is to get more involved in intercollegiate athletics. Two of its leaders are involved in varsity athletics, senior Brett Martin is on the tennis team and Lund is on the softball team. Other members play soccer and run track and cross country.

To get more involved with intercollegiate athletics, FCA plans to attend sporting events as a group and offer treats to athletes after games. FCA would also like to hold prayer services for athletes before their games.

Martin plans to contact coaches to gain their support for FCA.

Another goal is having an intramural team for members who are not involved in varsity athletics but still want to play sports.

Although FCA is a branch of the Religious Life Council, FCA is a more relaxed environment.

“RLC focuses on God through service and community activities. FCA focuses on fellowship through athletics and participation,” Martin said.

Each meeting begins with a sporting event. The first meeting opened with a game of ultimate frisbee. Meetings usually last an hour and consist of an opening prayer, a message prepared by the leaders and a closing prayer.

Kristina Brannen, a junior leader, said FCA is a source of strength for her.

“When there’s a time I don’t think I’m good enough on the field or court, I always know that there is something greater out there besides the game,” said Brannen.

Lund said it is important for athletes to have an outlet such as FCA.

“Too many times athletes get caught up in the game. Their whole focus is the sport and they can lose sight of what is really important.”

FCA is a nationally recognized group almost 50 years old with chapters in junior highs, senior high schools and on college campuses. FCA’s national goal is to have a presence on every school campus in the United States, according to the group’s website. Currently there are over 7,700 chapters with an estimated 500,000 students involved.

About 24 percent of the schools in the United States have an FCA chapter.

Simpson’s chapter meets Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. in Hopper gym.