Finding a purpose at Simpson College

by The Simpsonian

College is a struggle from start to finish, whether to get a degree, join a student organization or to party five nights a week. It is a four-year struggle to find your purpose in life.

The Simpsonian is no different. It is a continuous struggle to find a purpose at Simpson College. The job is never done.

As a student-run organization, we see the events of the day from your perspective and make it our job to inform the college community of the issues we face every day.

Several big issues will become a focus of our coverage this year. This year’s enrollment will bring about many changes over the coming months that has and will effect every student on campus. The college will continue to reach its goals in the areas of fundraising and marketing which will become a part of Simpson’s strategic plans for years to come.

The Simpsonian continues to cover issues such as drugs and alcohol among others that are central in the lives of college students.

Last semester’s implementation of has furthered The Simpsonian’s goal to serve as a forum for discussion on these and other important news items from week to week. Opinions are welcome and encouraged.

Regardless of the label of a ‘student newspaper,’ The Simpsonian will continue to uphold our professional responsibility, both journalistically and ethically.

We hope the next eight months challenge you to find a purpose as we continue to find our own by serving the Simpson community.