Buster behind bars

by Shelly Zeller

The off-campus football house recently had an out-of-the-ordinary encounter with the Indianola Police Department about the housing of their dog, Buster.

“I didn’t get to talk to the police about the incident until the end,” said senior football player and pet owner Jadd Helma. “Other residents of the house were there talking to the lady who was walking her dog about the whole situation when I arrived on the scene.”

According to Helma, Buster went across the street and had an encounter with a female dog being walked by an Indianola resident. “The lady got scared and therefore called the police,” said Helma. “It is mostly our fault because we didn’t have a leash on Buster and that’s a community regulation. Also, we didn’t tell our landlord about our dog and when the lady told the cops, the officials contacted the landlord,” said Helma.

Since the football house residents have not heard back on the situation, they understand that there are not going to be any lawsuits officially filed on the incident. Yet, the football house did not appreciate the consequences.

“Although this was mostly our fault, we obviously didn’t want to get rid of Buster,” said Helma. “It’s just like any other pet, no one wants to give up something they really like and are used to having around everyday.”