The ultimate balancing act

by Jessica McDonald

College athletes usually choose one sport to participate in, but there are a few Simpson athletes who participate in more than one sport.

“I couldn’t bare to give one up,” said junior Meghan Kelso who plays basketball and softball for Simpson.

Kelso knew she wanted to play both sports in college.

“Playing more than one sport was the natural thing to do coming from a small school,” said junior Mike Tiedeman who has played basketball, baseball and football at Simpson.

Like Kelso, Tiedeman knew that he was going to play more than one sport at college. He used to play baseball for the Storm, but with college being more demanding than high school, he values his free time and decided to drop baseball.

Playing more than one sport helps Tiedeman manage his time.

“I have a set schedule so I know when I’m busy and when I have free time to get stuff done,” said Tiedeman.

Multi-sport athletes are always training. Kelso is currently finishing up her fall softball training, which includes ten practices. She also lifts weights for basketball and tries to get in a pick-up game once a week. Pre-season basketball workouts will officially begin next week.

Sophomore basketball player and track runner, Jessica Carper, likes playing two sports.

“It’s a good way to always stay in shape for the other sport,” said Carper.

Carper was originally only going to play basketball at Simpson.

“I was teetering on going out for track and Coach Byers helped me make the decision to run track,” said Carper.

Carper does have one disappointment to playing two sports; she does not get to participate in indoor track because the basketball season overlaps.

Senior Jesse VonBehren is in season right now with football. His seasons do not overlap, but as soon as football is done, he will start right in with basketball.

“The seasons can get long with football going right into basketball. It’s hard on the body,” said VonBehren.

VonBehren was originally going to be a two-sport athlete playing football and running track. However, after talking to men’s head basketball coach, Bruce Wilson, he decided to give basketball a try instead of track.

“I grew up playing basketball and I didn’t want to give it up,” said VonBehren.

All four of these multi-sport athletes agree that the coaches’ support makes playing two sports a good thing.

“Coach Wilson will give me a week off if I need it,” said VonBehren.

Even though the athletes play two sports and they may have their favorites, they are equally dedicated to both.

“Each sport has a different aspect that I like about it,” said Kelso. “I’m better at different qualities of each game.”

In basketball, Kelso’s skills are in driving to the basket, and in softball she is a good outfielder.

Kelso likes softball because she has been playing it so long and it has become a part of her life; she likes basketball because it is such a team sport.

Von Behren can see why basketball would be a popular sport among the multi-sport athletes.

“Basketball is a popular sport, it utilizes all different athlete types,” said


“It’s the only major winter sport offered to women,” said Carper.

“Basketball is a good sport to be involved in,” said Kelso. “It’s fast paced and a fun team sport.”