The undeniable value of May Term travel

by The Simpsonian

An advantage of attending Simpson is the May Term experience offered to students.

After two semesters of grueling work and dedication to scholastics, students have the opportunity to take classes they normally wouldn’t have the time for like “Fishing and the Sense of Well Being” or travel to a far off land to explore for three weeks.

May Term trips are one experience all students should take advantage of. Although the ticket price of a trip may cause students to shy away from the experience, the benefits outweigh the cost.

While playing sand volleyball on campus or interning in order to build a resume may seem appealing to some, the chance to travel across the ocean and see some real culture should make hanging out at Lake Ahquabi seem like splashing in a mud puddle.

For most of us, there will never be another time in our lives when we will be able to immerse ourselves in three weeks full of foreign culture.

Unique trips make May Term seem like a once in a lifetime experience: riding elephants in Thailand, climbing mountains in Nepal, or walking on glaciers in New Zealand.

Even with increased prices of trips, all students should still consider taking a May term trip in their four years at Simpson.

When students graduate and are paying off their hefty loans, at least they will remember one fond memory from all of the overwhelming debts. Looking back at the time they laid on the beach in the Galapagos Islands or toured the Sistine Chapel in Rome and be satisfied with money well spent.