Don’t let Homecoming become just another Greek Week: get involved

by The Simpsonian

Homecoming is generally regarded as a time full of school spirit, crazy skits and yelling like hell. However, one must ask where any of this would be without the involvement of the Greek houses in the Homecoming activities. For example last year’s winner was Delta Delta Delta a Greek house.

Naturally you would expect a large number of participants from these houses, as the Greek population makes up roughly 30 percent of the school’s student body. But simple math shows that there is still another 70 percent of the student population that could be involved in Homecoming activities.

Rather than being a joint celebration of the school and a time of camaraderie, Homecoming ends up as a second Greek week for the fraternities and sororities. Typically there are very few skits or Yell like Hells put together that are not done by Greek houses. Occasionally there will be something put together by some of the residence halls, but where are the theme houses and the apartments in all of this?

When there are lip syncs people don’t hesitate to get involved, no matter if they are part of a Greek house or not. What makes things like that more important than Homecoming? Perhaps it’s the monetary rewards for winning. At any rate, this seems like another glaring example of the lack of school spirit at Simpson College. While it’s too late to get a skit lined up or a Yell Like Hell planned, at least make your presence felt at these events and make it out to support all of the athletic teams this weekend. It’s time for Simpson College to come together.