Students have a smashing good time

Students have a smashing good time

by Jessica McDonald

Members of the Kappa Theta Psi fraternity caused many students and faculty to turn their heads during Homecoming week.

A beat-up, brightly spray painted ’91 Chevy Lumina sat in the center of the Circle of Knowledge for the Kappa Car Bash that took place Oct. 18 to raise money for the Iowa Youth Homeless Center in Des Moines.

Senior Kappa President Josh Merchant developed the idea to raise money for the homeless shelter and sophomore Dustin Smothers donated his car for the event.

The fraternity charged $1 per hit and was able to raise $100 for the homeless shelter in only one day. The money will be used to purchase food, clothes and school supplies for those who are in need.

“A lot of people just donated money and we just let them go,” said Merchant.

The shelter targets youth in the Des Moines area. Teenagers learn how to live independently and the shelter helps them stay in school. There is also a teenage mother program.