Stop complaining


by Kate Anderson

Many of us chose Simpson because we went to small schools before and we can appreciate the intimate setting and personal relationships with faculty. I’ve even e-mailed staff members and professors over the summer.

There’s no better value for our tuition than the benefits we get in our tiny universe called “Simpson.” We smile and groan all in the same sentence about the size of Simpson. Sometimes it feels like we’re the little guy on the football team. Good news-we’re absolutely not the Napoleon of Iowa colleges.

Size is a sensitive issue, so we’ll leave the smaller school anonymous. A sorority on campus was invited to visit their sister chapter at this anonymous school to help out at their first night of recruitment.

They arrived at the chapter house and were surprised to find it dark and locked up. The neighbors came scurrying out into the yard to tell them that the chapter sold their house and they could find the members at the dorm. Which dorm? The only dorm!

There are two modest dorms accommodating males and females separately. A visitation policy is strictly enforced. Here, I’d like to also address the common complaint that Simpson is conservative.

Moving along, the women easily found the dorm and within a few minutes were chatting away with only eight (total) sorority members. It was almost awkward since the Simpson chapter arrived with 11 members, which is only 18 percent of their total membership. Only four girls were going to be visiting the two sororities for recruitment. Ninety-four women attended the first night of recruitment at Simpson.

The men that went through recruitment at this school had no trouble making their decision-there was only one fraternity house. I’m sorry. House? I mean chapter: there were no Greek houses. All of the chapters, which included commuters, had available meeting rooms within the dorms.

The Greek system here is proportional to the campus size, which accommodates only 485 full-time students. Of these full-time students, only 283 live on campus.

This is just to let you know…it does get smaller than Simpson. Be proud of our beautiful campus, energetic faculty, thriving Greek life, talented athletic teams and the small but wonderful student body here on campus.