DePew excited for upcoming election

DePew excited for upcoming election

by Andrea McNamara

With seven days left until the election, Simpson senior Green Party candidate for Secretary of Agriculture, Brian DePew, has a small amount of time left to campaign.

“I’m excited to see how it all pans out ,” said DePew.

DePew has been busy since receiving his nomination June 29.

On Oct. 22, DePew appeared on Iowa Public Television in a candidate’s forum. Each candidate for secretary of agriculture was present to discuss their platforms and views on different agricultural issues in Iowa.

DePew continuously tries to work the media by sending out press releases.

“Media does more for you than anything else,” said DePew.

He posted a Web site in order to reach as many Iowans as possible. His Web site,, covers his main platforms. His stands on pork production, local food production and rural economy are all covered.

His roommate helped him by designing the Web site. DePew’s Web site in the easiest way to reach many voters and has received many hits since it went on the Web.

Along his campaign trail, DePew has faced a few hurdles. Money is needed to run a successful campaign, so he has constantly been fund raising.

He has also been refused coverage by The Des Monies Register because the board of editors decided he wasn’t a serious candidate, meaning they thought he would get less than ten percent of the vote.

DePew has been campaigning since June 29. He works mainly on the contributions of individuals. He doesn’t plan to quit campaigning until Nov. 5, the day of the elections.

He and his roommates have worked hand in hand to keep up the day-to-day campaigning process, like stuff envelopes. Everyday DePew receives requests for more information about his campaign or his platforms.

Relying heavily on his close friends, DePew has started and maintained a solid campaign throughout the past few months. His friends have helped when and where they could. Besides the Web site, his friends also helped designed brochures to send to voters.

After the elections on Nov. 5, life could drastically change for DePew. “Things will change fast,” said DePew.

If elected into office, Depew will be sworn in during the month of January and immediately begin working toward his main goals and platforms.

For right now, DePew is doing his best to keep up with schoolwork and run an effective campaign. He has found that his staff is very willing to cooperate with him and they have been very understanding throughout his campaign.