Students just don’t understand

by Letter to the Editor

Recently there seems to have been some confusion among students as to what programs The Simpson Fund supports. I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify the purpose of The Simpson Fund and help you understand how Annual Giving in the Office of College Advancement at

Simpson College works.

The Simpson Fund is an annual giving fund, composed of yearly gifts by alumni, parents and friends of the college. The money that is contributed to The Simpson Fund goes to support scholarships and financial assistance for Simpson students. Currently, 98 percent of Simpson students receive some level of financial assistance a remarkable number. Many students would not be able to attend Simpson without that support. Simpson supporters understand that, and they give to The Simpson Fund each year to assist students and provide them a chance to experience Simpson College.

The Simpson Fund generates a little over a million dollars each year. More than that amount is awarded to students in the form of scholarships and financial assistance by the college. The Simpson Fund is a primary source of those funds for students.

Simpson College asks students to “give back” to Simpson by supporting The Simpson Fund during their yearly class challenges. The Freshman Challenge, Sophomore Challenge, Junior Challenge and Senior Class Gift are all programs that support The Simpson Fund, which in turn supports current and future students of Simpson College through scholarships and financial assistance.

Just as you are currently receiving support from alumni, parents and friends of Simpson, we hope that you will continue the legacy of “giving back” by making a gift to The Simpson Fund this year during your class challenge. Your support makes the “Simpson Experience” available to many students for whom it otherwise would not be possible.

Ashley Tilka

Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Alumni Programs