Candidates for CAB President

by Erin Haller

Nicole Molt

I have been actively involved with Campus Activities Board for two yeas, and I currently serve on the Executive Board for CAB. I am interested in becoming CAB President for many reasons.

One reason is that I would like the organization to have better relations with Student Senate. More specifically, I am interested in working with Senate to get a special account set up for CAB for “big” events. This would allow CAB to bring bigger acts to campus.

Another reason I am interested deals with membership. Currently, CAB has several core members. However, I would like to see membership increase. The more input we have from students, the better we can suit students.

My last main goal/reason for running deals with different organizations on campus. I would like to integrate other organizations so the prizes for events, and the events themselves, can be bigger and apply to more people.

I have attended both regional and national conventions for Campus Activities, where I have acquired many ideas for CAB, and I am excited to share those with the organization. I was also co-chair of Family Weekend this year, and I currently serve as the member chair. I am also very active on campus. I am assistant treasurer of Kappa Kappa Gamma, I served on First Year Council and I am currently the secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta.

I’m responsible and organized, along with being active in CAB and on campus. I feel I would make a good CAB President, and I would appreciate your vote.

Kristine Robson

I am running for Campus Activities Board President because I feel I am qualified. I have participated for one year and this semester to the present. I went to the annual NACA conference last year.

As CAB President I would like to provide more diverse activities that would encompass a wider variety of students. I would like to continue the work done by previous CAB President, Kim Lamon, on restructuring the organization by providing more order and leadership positions. I will also work hard to get a major band on campus. Membership in CAB is a vital component and I would like to encourage people to join CAB.

CAB is an important part of Simpson College and I believe I am a qualified, well-rounded person who would work hard for CAB, Simpson College and the students.