Political activism does not stop here

by The Simpsonian

The 2002 election cycle was one of the most critical in recent years. An estimated $1 billion was spent on campaigns nationwide. Control over the senate came down to a few critical states.

Iowa found itself in the midst of these battles and Simpson College did not pass by quietly. A student, a former staff member, an adjunct professor and an alumnus were all up for office. The community became rather engrossed in the dynamics of it all.

Students took part in satellite voting, candidates visited Simpson and Indianola and some helped with campaign efforts. But those efforts were lost following the election.

Politics has seemingly been thrown to the wayside until the 2004 elections. But one of the most important parts of the political processes is just beginning.

Newly elected officials will take their seats in government, set to serve their town, district, state and country. And we, the constituents, must take action and force those in office to take our needs into consideration. As college students, the cut in the Iowa Tuition Grant is a troublesome issue that must be addressed in the Iowa Legislature.

The political activism of this fall cannot be lost now that the election is over. We must take on our role in politics and fight for change.