Faculty ratio compromised in some departments

by The Simpsonian

Simpson prides itself on the personal attention it can give to its students. Small class sizes with professors that know your name are what many students buy into when choosing Simpson over larger schools.

However, many departments are overwhelmed with work due to a lack of faculty members. Professors that can teach a subject adequately are being substituted for professors who are trained specifically in that area. Such as in the art department where there currently is no Art Historian on staff and professors who have a background in art history are forced to cover these required courses for art majors.

In other departments, a single professor alone may have over 50 advisees. Thus requiring the professor to go above and beyond to make each of his or her advisees receive the personal attention Simpson prides itself in, if that is even physically possible.

“We pride ourselves on working closely with students and small classes do this,” said Bruce Haddox, academic dean.

However, class sizes are not always small because more often than not, there is only one or two course sections available in classes that are in high demand.

“As classes get bigger, there is less discussion and less interaction in the classroom,” said Lora Friedrich, chair of the social science department. “It also makes a different relationship with the faculty and I think the quality changes.”

A shortage of faculty means fewer class options can be offered and puts an overload of work on certain professors within departments. The end result being Simpson students not getting what they bought into, that personal experience Simpson prides itself in.