WEB EXCLUSIVE! Campus Day was a success

by The Simpsonian

After two failed attempts to hold campus day, the event finally took place on Wed. Nov. 13.

“We finally got it done!” said sophomore Andy Merrill.

Eighty-plus yards were raked this year and approximately 570 people participated in the Campus Day activities. These 570 people made up 50 teams, an increase from last year’s numbers. There were at least eight more teams than there were last year as well.

“We didn’t know what to anticipate. We made it through the entire list [of yards]” said Mimi Bartley, Director of Human Resources.

Student Body President Jake Abel took a large part in planning campus day but was at the event because of his military activation.

“Jake did an excellent job setting things up,” said Merrill, who helped out with the running of Campus Day. “I basically just oversaw and made sure everything ran smoothly and woke everybody up!”

At the end of the day, after an afternoon of games, one team was declared the Campus Day Survivor team winner. Michelle Yeoman, assistant to the director at the Hawley Center, was an advisor to this team.

“They worked really hard that day,” said Yeoman. “They decided that they wanted to have fun, winning was not the goal for them, but they were happy that they were able to.”

“I was skeptical [about Campus Day] at first,” said Nana Afriyie, a freshman who was on the winning team. “I thought we were just going to be working on campus here, but we had fun, climbing trees and taking pictures. It was fun to work as a group. Even if we weren’t going to be winners, I still enjoyed it.”

There were a variety of themed teams this year, including teams made up by the members of the basketball team, different LAS’s and other professors who set up their own teams.

“It’s a great service project,” said Bartley. “The people whose yards we rake look forward to this day. I’m thankful to those people who take part, as I’m sure the homeowners are as well.”