Out-of-staters untapped resource

by The Simpsonian

For residents of Iowa, there is a fortune in the small college system. Colleges such as Simpson provide quality education close to home. That appeal is also an untapped resource for many surrounding states and their high school students.

By spending more money marketing the students in states such as Minnesota and Illinois, the college opens the doors to an entirely new group of students.

Of the 380 students in this year’s freshman class, only 14 percent are from outside the state of Iowa. Of Simpson’s total enrollment, only 16 states other than Iowa are represented. That number is strikingly low when considering the numbers at Simpson’s five comparison schools: Wartburg, Central, Luther, Cornell and Coe. Wartburg is at the bottom of that list with students from 26 states and 32 countries. Central has students from 40 states and 20 countries.

Attracting students to any college is a difficult task, especially when there is an overwhelming number of options for high school seniors. Simpson sets itself apart from the rest in many areas. The task should become marketing those differences and bringing in more people from around the country and around the world.

If Central College can attract students from 40 states and 20 countries, Simpson is missing out on great opportunities.