Coloring can be both fun and therapeutic for KKGs

Coloring can be both fun and therapeutic for KKGs

by Kari Koehler

There was a happening party going on at KKG this past Sunday, complete with books on tape, movies, coloring books, crafts and lots more.

There was one prerequisite though. To be admitted, one had to be the son or daughter of a faculty member at Simpson who was in need of babysitting.

This brainchild came from the mind of junior Christine Walsh, who said that, “KKG just really wanted to show the faculty here at Simpson that we appreciate them.”

The faculty took to the idea well.

Ten children spent the day with members of KKG, doing all kinds of fun activities to enjoy themselves. For many of the KKG members, including junior Erin Feldmann, “It was like being at home again.”

“Many of the girls here have younger brothers and sisters or have done some baby-sitting, so it reminds us of home a lot,”said Feldman.

Faculty members said they were more than happy that the girls offered their time. David Olsgaard, professor of physics said, “I plan on taking my wife out to lunch and maybe getting some early Christmas shopping in.”

Christmas shopping was also the main objective for Professor of Biology Jackie Brittingham. Faculty members like Brittinghanm really had no problems with leaving their children with the KKG women because many of them knew members of KKG.

It was an especially nice opportunity for faculty members who have a hard time finding baby sitters. “I always have a hard time finding a baby sitter for nights and weekends. Normally, I would feel guilty about hiring someone to watch my daughter when I’m not at work, but this is a great social opportunity for her (daughter) and I get some much needed ‘guilt free’ time for myself,” said Brittingham.

Since this was the first time this project had taken place, members weren’t sure what to expect for turnout. But ten children made this a great success, according to Walsh.

Brittingham said she hopes that KKG will do this kind of project again in the near future.

“I think it is a wonderful service that the KKG women should think about offering more frequently. Some parents might even consider making a donation to their charity efforts for the event,” she said.

For the children, it was like experiencing a new community, complete with activities for them at various places around the house, and also getting to meet new people. For the women of KKG, it was an opportunity to spend some time with children, and for the parents it gave a nice little break and to have some time to themselves.