Lilly Endowment brings opportunity

by The Simpsonian

An extra $2 million sure is nice – and hard to come by. The money received by the Lilly Endowment creates great opportunity for the Simpson community. The grant will go to several programs and people with the intent of guiding students toward their life’s vocation.

Where we go from here is another question that must be addressed. The college has spent one year working to receive this grant, knowing the implications all along. The grant has the potential to produce a great amount of change.

But that change cannot come about without the continued support of the entire community – students, faculty, staff and administration. The impact of a $2 million grant will be lost if the community as a whole is not dedicated to change and progress.

Finding a vocation in life, whatever it may be, is part of the college experience. Simpson has taken a step in the right direction in the receiving of the Lilly grant.

Programs on campus will benefit immensely from this grant. Students must do what they can to take advantage of the improvements that result. If not, they have lost one of the greatest opportunities Simpson and college in general has to offer.

College is four years of self discovery and exploration. Having another tool for that gives Simpson students a significant advantage.

The work does not stop here. The establishment of a staff to handle the resulting program will be handed a great task. But the greater task lies in the hands of students – utilizing it. Otherwise, money and effort has been wasted.