Honor given to Veterans appreciated

by Letter to the Editor

I would like to thank Matt Morain for writing the article, “In Respect of Veterans’ Day,” in the Nov. 14 issue (Vol.133, No.10) of The Simpsonian. As a campus worker in the Physical Plant and a Vietnam-era veteran, I think his article is really right-on as to what everyday people should think about when having a holiday-or remembrance day-to observe.

It was really nice to see that there are those from the post-baby-boom and Gen-x generations who still have their priorities together and encourage their peers to do the same.

I must admit that it is possible for even veterans, who did return home safely, to sometimes become caught up with so many of the conveniences of our society.

We, too, can take lightly what the true purpose of this day is for. Had I not served myself, I, too, might have thought only of “enjoying the day off” instead of also thinking about the value of the freedom we now have.

In response to commentary on Campus Day, I concur with many students as to the problematic canceling and re-scheduling of this particular day.

However, I think it was appropriate that this past Campus Day was held on a day during the same week as the Veterans’ Day. Serving your country doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a uniform and going to another country to fight, but also being helpful to your community.

This was displayed in a number of the smiling faces I enjoyed talking to on the Wednesday before the last. This kind of participation and selflessness is what, I believe, makes a difference in our nation and our world.

Timothy Paterson

Staff Member, Physical Plant