Decision by FPC was fair, just

by The Simpsonian

As previously explained in last week’s issue of The Simpsonian, the tenure process can be a mystifying one. However, after some careful reading of the information and facts available, it is the belief of this publication that the decision to deny Dan Bauer tenure was a just decision.

As students and professors of this institution, it is fundamentally necessary to have faith in the decisions of the administration. It’s important to realize that the administrative entities of this institution are in those positions of decision making power for a reason.

While often times decisions may come across as unfair or not in the best interest of the college, one important thing to remember is that this is the nature of the beast. Decisions are not always an easy thing to deal with in life, and never is there a time when everyone will be content with the outcome of any given decision.

While the Simpson College personnel policies states that a good third-year review equals “intent to tenure” it does not guarantee that tenure will be granted. While Bauer’s third-year review did have a positive tone, there were specific concerns outlined that clearly needed to be addressed in order for the “intent to tenure” to become anything more than an intent.

The Faculty Personnel Committee’s decision to deny Dan Bauer tenure is an example of a decision that many of us would never have wanted to have to make. We must have faith that this decision was the correct decision given the facts available.