Valentine’s Day not just for lovers

Valentines Day not just for lovers

by Vania Quiroz

St. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Television and newspaper advertisements are full of promotions or gifts for couples in love, Valentine’s Day is one of the main themes of conversation, and bulletin boards in the residence halls are dedicated to it.

I really like this holiday because of the friendly, warm environment it creates and the history behind it.

Although its history is not exactly defined, it’s mainly based upon the stories of a priest named Valentine who disobeyed the orders of the Roman empire, a martyr’s unconditional Christian love and the ancient belief of Cupid making people fall in love.

Its meaning has suffered some changes over time, but the “love” part of these stories is still alive.

There was never a specification of what kind of love could be celebrated that day. Nonetheless, I sometimes think St. Valentine’s Day has become a holiday exclusively for couples.

When was everyone else excluded from this celebration?

I know this day is special for many couples, but what about love to our family and friends? Isn’t that enough reason to celebrate? Of course it is.

Don’t get depressed if you’re single this holiday. Have fun and show your love to others.

You don’t have to make or buy cards for all of your loved ones, but you can call them or send them an e-mail to remind them of your friendship. You could even get organized with some of your other single friends and go out for the night.

It can also be a good opportunity to talk to those friends you haven’t seen in a long time and you’ve almost forgotten. It’s never too late to regain those friends you considered lost because of a misunderstanding.

What about expanding your circle of friends? Unconditional love applies to everyone and doing something for someone who doesn’t expect it from you. It is usually more rewarding than when you do it for the people you see everyday.

Being single isn’t a shame, and it doesn’t mean you do not have a reason to celebrate this holiday. St. Valentine’s Day is all about unconditional love.