Attention due in Iowa Tuition Grant debate

by The Simpsonian

As the economy continues to tumble and college tuition increases by leaps and bounds each year, financial aid in the form of state scholarships, loans and grants should be a significant concern for all college-aged students.

However, when given the opportunity to speak proactively on the issue of financial relief for those attending college, only two Simpson students attended. We, as a community, owe them great thanks for attempting to voice our collective concerns.

It is not our democratic right to complain after some of our privileges have been yanked out from underneath us right before the holidays, as many of us did this year.

However, it is our democratic duty to get involved with the political decision-making process before a drastic cut in the Iowa Tuition Grant gets rubber-stamped again.

As college students our concerns will only be addressed by our legislators if we represent a considerable force in the voting population. However, too many times students fail to participate in either satellite voting or voter registration through Warren County.

A large percentage of the adult population today took part in the drastic and vital protests of yesterday. Their views of today’s youth are ones of disappointment and confusion.

How can young people today say nothing when there are so many things to say something about and so many new venues through which to say them?

Wake up Simpson College. You are part of an underutilized force in America: the energy and power of youth. Whether it is against war in Iraq or in favor of increases to the Iowa tuition grant, speak out.