Let go of preconceptions

by Matt Edwards

With the third release since the album “High/Low,” which spawned popularity for the song “Popular,” the trio known as Nada Surf has put together an excellent piece of work entitled “Let Go.”

Upon first listen it is obvious that the band has matured since the last time most of us gave them a listen. The new album has an overall mellow feel to it, and the sound instantly evokes comparisons to Coldplay and The Flaming Lips.

“Let Go” is heavily melodic and is supported with meaningful lyrics and harmonized vocals.

However, that does not mean that all the songs are mellow and slow. In fact there are several catchy, up-beat songs that will get satisfy those who yearn for a great guitar-based hook.

Nada Surf’s current single, “Hi-Speed Soul,” has a raw guitar intro followed a mixed beat and vocals that are reminiscent of New Order. “Hi-Speed Soul” utilizes the classic formula of guitars that pull you in and great rhythm and lyrics that keep you there.

The standout up-tempo track would have to be “Happy Kid.” It’s just the kind of song that screams radio play. The lyrics have a really great rhyme and flow to them: “I’m just a happy kid, stuck with the heart of an old punk, drowning in my id, always hungry like it’s on junk.”

With “Let Go” Nada Surf has given us a great pop-rock album.

The guys have also diffused any remnants of being labeled “Weezer Wannabes.” Nada Surf’s sound has grown greatly since the days of “Popular,” and this latest album should prove that they shouldn’t be stuck in the one-hit-wonder category any longer.

Forget about “Popular.” Just Let Go. If you like music, you’ll like the new Nada Surf.

And if you like live music, head on up to the Maintenance Shop in Ames tonight, and catch Nada Surf up close and personal.