Conflict must not deter overseas travel

by The Simpsonian

Taking a trip abroad is one of the most pleasurable and eye-opening opportunities that students at Simpson have at their disposal. Whether the excursion is for an entire semester or just during May Term, the experience of being immersed in a new culture is second to none.

With the impending conflict in Iraq, however, there is a threat that an overseas voyage could yield more bad memories than good. There have been violent protests all over Europe. Some of the Simpson students in Germany have been privy to a public berating over our nation’s decision to pursue war in the Middle East. Whether you agree with our government’s stance on Iraq or not, the fact remains that, when overseas, we are seen as Americans first and individuals second.

When taking a trip abroad, one must always be aware that we are often looked on as the bullies of the world. The United States imposes its will upon other nations through economic and, sometimes, military means. It should only be natural that citizens of other countries should hold deep-seeded opinions about our government.

If you do decide to take a trip abroad during this time of war, do not be deterred by the fact that the people there might hate the United States. Your choices will be severely limited if you do.

There are precious few times in your life when you can leave your life at the border and explore the world. Do not let a little war get in the way of your opportunities.