Economy forces tuition increase

by The Simpsonian

The recent drop in the endowment fund has led to some changes for the future of Simpson College. The change that is affecting students most is the rise in tuition for next year. For some students this will have an impact on their decision on whether or not to come back next fall.

Students should keep in mind that the state school tuition hikes are still increasing, and at an even larger rate than Simpson’s rates. Students should also be considering the fact that the drop in endowment funds did not affect the scholarship money that is given out by Simpson. The cost of coming to Simpson is going to be very comparable to that of a state school The college is still giving out great scholarships and excellent financial aid packages to students that come to Simpson. Simpson is the perfect place for students to come for one-on-one attention from professors and a fulfilling academic experience that you might not be able to get from a large state school.

Simpson College is facing a hardship that many other organizations and individuals are facing right now. The economy is at a low point and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. With the stock market down and the threat of war lurking around the corner, people are not as willing to donate money to the fund as they might have been in the past. Simpson took a big hit this year with its investments, but the amount of money in the endowment fund is still not that much less than other small schools in Iowa.