Don’t forego safety when making memories on spring break

Dont forego safety when making memories on spring break

by Vania Quiroz

Spring break is almost here and most of us already have plans. Some will leave with friends on a road trip, while others will go to beautiful beaches in search of warmer weather than Iowa’s. Regardless of the place you’re going, be careful what you do.

I don’t know why, but people tend to think that spring break is a time when nothing bad can happen. Seriously, as if life was perfect during a week.

Yes, I know spring break is a time to do whatever one wants, but what you do does have consequences and sometimes can embarrass you.

Cancun is a very popular beach for young people during spring break, and it’s very funny to see how crazy and wild these students can be after some beers.

Believe me, I’m from Mexico and during spring break our national news programs have at least one case per day where foreign students are having “too much fun” and the police have to intervene.

One of the things I’ve found very interesting is that many people think that a vacation only starts once you arrive at the desired destination. The truth is that a vacation starts once you’re getting ready to leave.

Before packing anything make sure you have all your papers in order so you can come back in time. With all these new security implementations you’ll have to prove your nationality with some kind of identification. You don’t want get stuck in some place because your identity can’t be proved.

If you’re going to a place where the language is unknown to you, learning a few phrases such as “Where’s the bathroom?” or “Where can I find a phone?” will make your life easier.

Don’t forget your medical insurance card. As people are not always careful on vacation, accidents are very common. Also, if you’re allergic to something make sure the people you’re going with know about it.

Have fun, but recognize your limits. Most of the times accidents occur because people didn’t think “it was risky.” I know it’ll be hard to be conscious of every decision you make, but you will have to assume any responsibility your actions may have.

Spring Break is supposed to be a time to forget about school and relax. It’s up to you to keep a good memory of it for the rest of your life.