Democrats speak to community

Democrats speak to community

by Andrea McNamara

It is not every day that you shake the hand of a possible presidential candidate.

Members of the Simpson College Democrats and the Indianola community had this chance after warmly welcoming presidential hopefuls Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont, and Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

The two candidates for the 2004 Democratic Party nomination visited Indianola on Monday at a soup dinner sponsored by Warren County Democrats.

Dean and Edwards visited Indianola to state their views and let voters know where they stand on the important issues of health care, national security and equal rights, among others.

The two candidates have made appearances throughout the state of Iowa trying to educate other democrats about the issues that are of great significance to each of them for the upcoming election year.

Within a limited amount of time the Simpson College Democrats got quite an ear-full from the presidential hopeful, Dean.

He spoke of one particular issue that he said would interest Simpson students – his plan that entailed health care for everyone. Democrats have considered Dean to be one of the most exciting and unique potential nominees due to his progressive views on comprehensive health care and his dismay of President Bush’s potential unilateral action against Iraq.

Dean also presented his views on Bush’s problematic plan for tax cuts. Dean suggested that the possible tax money could better be used to repair the budget provide health care benefits for everyone with whatever funds are left.

Edwards also had some issues that he felt would be of great interest to Simpson students, especially since one of the main issues he’s backing is free college education.

The federal “Education For Everyone” program would provide states with enough money so that any student could afford to attend a state university or community college.

The student would have to keep up their grades and work 10 hours per week in a work study program.

As compensation for good grades and hard work, students could earn a year’s worth of free tuition to state funded institutions.

Edwards believes that this plan is important because it would provide opportunities for students (to attend college) that normally wouldn’t get chances like this.

Both presidential hopefuls look towards rebuilding America’s integrity and budget.

“I think we have the potential to restore our faith in America,” said Edwards.