Inconsistencies in policies and constitution

by The Simpsonian

Simpson, like every other institution of higher learning, looks to a plethora of policies for guidance on procedures, rules and consequences for the many issues and situations that surface in a typical college community. These policies are important guidance tools for students, faculty, staff and administration as they operate their daily lives on campus.

From equal employment to alcohol, policies pertaining to these are public information and available on the Internet and in the college handbook.

But the failure to include some of these policies in the constitution creates problems with clarification and consistency, leaving too many opportunities for error. Some policies exist in the employee handbook but are absent from the faculty handbook.

Simpson seems to lack firm policies in the handling of certain procedures and often handles situations as they arise on a case-by-case basis. While there is a clause in the student constitution pertaining to sexual orientation, the issue is absent from the equal employment opportunity statement. Human resources has said it would consider a revision if it was brought to the office’s attention.

Simpson is obligated to follow federal regulation regarding the Family Medical and Family Leave Act of 1993, stating that employers of more than 50 people must allow women to be granted maternity leave. However, Simpson does not have a specific policy regarding how classes will be handled when an instructor is on maternity leave nor does it state what the paid leave is.

The 1996 accreditation report stated a lack of clarity regarding Simpson’s policies as a major issue among faculty members. A lack of consistency creates a problem because of a lack of official and impartial ways of handling certain situations. Creating consistency from handbooks to student constitutions assures that every situation and all parties involved will be treated with tact and fairness.