The Simpson Brand

by The Simpsonian

An increase in marketing and advertising plans by the college has cost Simpson a significant amount of money in efforts to promote the college. But those big bills are helping to create more name recognition and brand identity that should further the growing enrollment trend of recent years.

One aspect of the marketing plan that Simpson is trying to uphold is the testimonial-type advertisement, ads that can be seen and heard on radio and television. These ads are an attempt to get Simpson’s name out to the younger audience and creating further name recognition in time for those individuals to make college decisions. Directing this advertising campaign at parents can also have a positive influence on high schools students by encouraging parents to talk to students about college and, more importantly, about Simpson.

When Simpson commercials are heard on “popular” radio stations during peak hours, an obvious attempt is made to reach a broad audience. But spending more money in out-of-state markets can further name recognition in locations where the Simpson name is largely unheard of. Reaching these markets can further the college’s goals of creating and sustaining a diverse student body. Focusing efforts in the Des Moines area seems to be a waste of valuable resources. Spreading advertising into neighbor states is still a valiant effort at increasing the enrollment of out-of-state students.

Simpson has a very rich tradition in the state of Iowa. Next year’s enrollment numbers should be a strong indicator of how these marketing efforts are influencing high school students.