Is breaking up really hard to do?

by Kate Anderson

In a recent study of 800 singles by, it was reported that spring is the least likely season for couples to break up. A bit of advice, don’t trust singles on relationship knowledge, there’s a reason for their solitude. I would like to contend that spring is the most likely time that people in a relationship will pull out the it’s-not-you-it’s-me card.

Winter is the best season for romance. Everyone likes to cuddle up and have Blockbuster nights when it’s three degrees outside and the roads are iced over. It’s a proven fact that body heat keeps us warmer in the cold. Relationships fall right in line with that. It’s one torture to be bored in the winter, but it’s even more painful to be lonely. Moreover, winter lacks inspiration and causes us to be contented more easily.

Fortunately cabin fever is behind us. We’re done with hot chocolate and too much TV and onto better things like tank tops and Frisbee. Let’s also not overlook the imminent breakups that occur promptly after spring break. We’ll just leave it at that as to not arouse any possible recent sentiments.

People seem to feel a need to do something refreshing this time of year and that can include cutting off an unsatisfying relationship. It’s selfish, heartbreaking and it can cause you to listen to sad Billy Joel songs, but its reality. Breakups are bound to happen at this age, but there’s etiquette involved here that goes overlooked. Three important things:

1) Be honest. Don’t say “It’s not you, it’s me” if you really mean “It’s not you, it’s the guy I met in Iowa City.” Your partner will be dumbfounded when they are full of sympathy for you because you aren’t ready to be in a relationship just in time to find you happily holding someone else’s hand. Remember, breaking up is about getting what you want, but you don’t have to pay the price with someone else’s dignity.

2) Don’t try to be friends too fast. It won’t work immediately. About one couple of every million that tries to be friends succeeds. You have to allow for an adjustment period. You can’t go from shacking and deep conversations to casual lunches at Cup-A-Joe. To cut down on the drama, cut down on the time spent together right away.

3) Don’t jump into another relationship too fast. If it isn’t him but rather the guy in Iowa City, make the guy in Iowa City wait awhile. It’s not only disrespectful to your ex, but it’s not fair to you. Try independence for a minute.

Breaking up is not usually a mutual decision, if it didn’t involve a little heartbreak, Mariah Carey wouldn’t have a career this long. Remember, breaking up is usually a conflict of agenda. Be respectful and be tactful. Break up with this person the way you would like them to break up with you.