Transceiver worth effort

by Matt Edwards

Des Moines’ hometown heroes, The Nadas, are back with their fourth studio album, entitled “Transceiver.”

The CD, which the band recorded in Texas, brings together all the varied elements present on their previous releases and fine-tunes them. “Transceiver” has the folk, rock and alt-country blend The Nadas are known for, all sharpened and nicely packaged into this 12 track release.

Fans of the band should not be disappointed. In fact, most fans will already be very familiar with a couple of cuts off of “Transceiver.” The songs “Octane” and “Diner” were included on “Show to Go,” a live album that the band released last year.

For those who are not familiar with The Nadas, this would be a perfect album to introduce yourself to them with. The range of music on “Transceiver” is very representative of the styles spread across their previous efforts. The CD opens with a big guitar sound on “Drowning,” and then rolls along to the poppy “Hold On,” and the boys flex their country twang muscles on “Octane” and “River.”

Of course, there is still room for a few ballad-esque tracks.

“California II” is a slow-tempo sequel to the song “California” from their last studio album, “Coming Home.” The last track, “One More Chance,” provides a beautiful, serene ending to the album. Mike Butterworth’s vocals are highlighted amongst the backdrop of the new age sounding instrumentals.

“I want a chance to say to be strong enough to say I love…I want another chance to say I love you,” Butterworth sings in a whisper.

“Transceiver” pops out with the catchy “Feel Better” and has a great hook in “Octane” with the reoccurring line “Cause it’s about time, it’s time to get outta here.”

The Nadas’ classic formula of a deep chorus and rich guitars are especially present on “Drowning,” “At the Edge,” and “Far Away.”

In working on “Transceiver,” The Nadas enlisted the help of the Pipes brothers, the producers responsible for Deep Blue Something’s hit song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Stuart Sikes, who mixed the album, has recently done the work for the White Stripes and Promise Ring, as well.

The band is now embarking on a coast-to-coast tour promoting the album, in which they will even be playing a gig at the famous Viper Room in Hollywood.

Things are looking good for The Nadas, and they can only get better after the release of the well-crafted “Transceiver.” It’s a very solid album and an all-around enjoyable listen.