Freshmen opinions change quickly

by Courtney Kirkland

In a fall 2002 Simpson Commercial promoting the “Simpson Experience,” freshman, Kristine Wendt said that although she was new to the campus, she felt like she fit in.

However, now Wendt is one of many Simpson freshmen who have decided to transfer within their first year at the college.

According to Jim Thorius, vice president for Student Development, Simpson lost 23 freshmen during the fall 2002 semester alone.

Thorius said that there are a variety of issues that he has seen throughout the years that may play into a freshman’s decision to leave Simpson or any institution in general.

“Students may have family or personal situations to tend to, illnesses, academic struggles, financial issues, a change in expectations or a hard time making a break from home,” he said.

Thorius also said that sometimes freshmen experience a change in direction or plans, and just see something else in another institution.

For Wendt, this is one of the reasons that prompted her decision to transfer.

Wendt, currently a theater major, wants to purse a degree in youth and family ministry.

“I’ve really figured out what the plan for me on this earth is,” she said. “The youth and family ministry major is more specific than just a religion major and is not offered here.”

During her time at Simpson, Wendt has been five hours away from her home in Minnesota, yet she said that she does not regret the time she has spent here.

“I’ve learned a lot academically and through experiences,” said Wendt.

Krista Davis, another Minnesota native and Simpson freshman, is also transferring for reasons similar to Wendt’s.

Davis said that she is transferring to The Minneapolis College of Art and Design because she wants to try something new.

Transferring means Davis will be closer to home, yet she said that she’ll really miss Simpson.

“The art program in Minneapolis is what I want and there are just other things I want to do, but I’ve had a really great Simpson experience,” she said.

Given the fact that freshmen attitudes are susceptible to change, some members of the Simpson Community have been wondering whether or not it is wise for the college to use freshmen in their ads.

Scott Brown, a senior at Simpson and participant in a fall 2002 Simpson commercial, said that he thinks the nature of the commercial should determine whether or not freshmen should be used.

“If the ad is focused on the “Simpson Experience” then I’d have to say that freshmen probably haven’t had as much experience as a senior would,” he said.

Michael Adams, assistant vice president and director of public relations, said that the public relations department always uses at least two freshmen in the commercials.

“There’s something about that fresh approach to Simpson that freshmen display that we want to capture,” he said. “Freshmen come to Simpson with a fresh set of eyes and a general enthusiasm about the place.”

Since interviews for the commercials are conducted in the early fall, Adams said that he understands the fact that freshmen students who are used in the commercials may end up transferring later.

“If you interview someone in September, by April a lot of things may have changed in their life-and we respect that,” he said.