Lack of tolerance unacceptable

by The Simpsonian

Students come to Simpson College for a variety of reasons-to play sports, to be involved in theater or music, to stay close to home, or simply to get an excellent education. But students do not come to Simpson to have be berated for their thoughts and opinions.

Simpson prides itself in its liberal arts background and encourages students to share their beliefs and act in a manner that is uniquely representative of individuality and at the same time brings out the beauty of a small liberal arts institution.

Recently, however, the student population has taken to a lack of tolerance. Much to the chagrin of many of the international students, their voices are being squelched at an institution where they used to feel safe. The beauty of this small liberal arts institution is in jeopardy.

International students are being careful not to voice opinions of the war because of an uprising of vandalism and an outpouring of hate concentrated on the anti-war population. An e-mail was sent to one international student attacking her ethnicity and her personal character rather than engaging in a debate of the ideas contained within her piece that she had written for The Simpsonian. This is not indicative of the picture of American democracy that these international students likely had upon entering Simpson.

However, the college is taking positive steps to bring tolerance back to campus. The recent panel discussion on tolerance was an excellent step in creating understanding for opposing opinions. Hopefully the college will continue to strive for further education on respecting the beliefs and opinions of those that may differ from your own.