SGA constitution a needed change

by The Simpsonian

Revamping the student government constitution was a change long overdue. Under the previous constitution, Senate wasn’t operating as efficiently or effectively as possible. The new constitution is a move in the right direction at dealing with these issues.

The amount of representatives will be nearly cut in half, in theory, removing the power from certain groups and returning it to the general student body. Each class will now have five representatives, yet it is very possible that members of certain organizations could dominate the class representatives. This makes it more important than ever for the student body to vote and elect representatives that will act out of what is good for the entire class.

Having a group of senators that have their own interests at stake can create problems in fund distribution, an existing problem under the current constitution. Those who wanted money were frequently casting votes on these issues. The same problem has the potential to surface with the new constitution if students are not careful in who they elect to represent them.

Student government meetings will remain open so that representatives from any organization can still voice their opinion during meetings, something that every student should take advantage of.

The smaller number of senators should also raise attendance at meetings as low turnout has been an issue in the past couple years.

The new constitution seems to be a positive change, however, an ethical question was raised in the way Senate advertised voting on the new constitution. Posters plastered all over campus read, “vote yes” to pass the new constitution. Such propaganda asking the student body to blindly vote yes to a new student government constitution seems a little shady coming from members of Senate.

The work put into revamping the student government’s constitution was a change of dire need. It will hopefully create a more democratic student government.