Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness

by Laura Dillavou

The images of glowing summer skin are everywhere. Getting beautiful skin is relatively simple and low maintenance.

With these added summer tips, soon your skin will be soft, healthy and ready for bare-all summer clothes.


Sunscreen is an essential part of all summer activities. Whether it is a full day by the pool or a late afternoon barbecue, the sun and all the harmful effects of it, are beating down on your skin. UV and Gamma rays are the things that hurt skin the most.

A tanning bed is full on UV contact, and that’s why experts recommend staying far, far away from fake baking. Sunscreen, with an SPF of at least 15, is good to wear on a daily basis.

If you are going to be spending an entire day in a swimsuit , a higher level of SPF is recommend, like 25 or 30. Don’t forget to cover areas like your eyelids, lips, ears and feet.


To get that skin that is baby soft and smooth, you need to get down to the new layer of skin cells. By using an exfoliating body wash, a loofah or a sea salt scrub, it can happen. Exfloliators contain small particles of things like walnut shells, pumice and salt to help scrub away old, dead skin. In addition, most contain a skin softening ingredient, like aloe or apricots to immediately give the fresh skin something to absorb.

A loofah is already textured, and the little net does an adequate job of buffing skin. After exfoliating, using a moisturizer is recommended to bring out the smoothness.


Sunburns can happen quicker than you think. Just for that, there are a wide range of products out there to help soothe and relieve.

Consider using a simple after-burn gel containing aloe Vera and mint extracts. However, if your burns are very red or purplish and hurt like no other, simply putting on gel will give little relief. In these cases, a cool bath with lots of baking soda will give temporary cooling to the skin.

Otherwise, try a thick cream like Salvadine, which can be obtained through prescription or is found in other burn relief products. Salvadine is a cream that heals and penetrates the skin to get to the sore area quickly. In the mean time, stay out of the sun!

Razor Burn

Perhaps this pertains to the female audience more than males, but it is still a tribulation of short skirts and sleeveless garment wearers.

When shaving, make sure that your razor has at least two blades and is sharp. Shaving should be done with a thick cream that is rich in emollients and moisturizers. If you don’t have any of that, try using a thick conditioner. Both contain ingredients to penetrate and condition the skin. For underarms, wait until they are dry until you apply deodorant.

These simple steps take only a little time and the results will leave you amazed. The time has come for people want to wear clothing that reveals more than that turtleneck sweater.