Lilly Grant creates opportunities unmatched by other programs

by The Simpsonian

Choosing a pathway through life is never easy. Simpson students have been granted another resource for exploring that part of college life.

The college’s acceptance of the Lilly Grant has given students another opportunity to pursue their dreams and ambitions as part of their college experience.

This grant is being used to open up scholarship opportunities, internships and forgivable loans to students who currently have unanswered questions about what they plan to do after college and where their degree is going to take them.

Simpson is also in the process of hiring a director in an effort to continually foster the program.

While the Lilly Grant scholarships create great opportunities on campus, the program will require continuous dedication and support by the college community to give future students the same vocational opportunities.

Students must be aware of the great resource at their disposal. With graduation just over one month away, many Simpson students have yet to be able to answer that recurrent question: “What are you doing after graduation?”

Students should eagerly pursue the benefits of the Lilly Grant and use them to their advantage.

This grant is going to be a campus-wide improvement. Not only does it present the chance to interact with financial issues, it will work in partnership with all the faculty, students and alumni that the college has to offer.