Show me the money

by The Simpsonian

The recent changes in the Student Senate-now the Student Government Association-are much needed. However, it is painfully clear for many that serious shortcomings remain in one of the most critical aspects of student government-the budget.

While SGA representatives say that the manner in which funds are disbursed is “efficient” there are those who would certainly argue otherwise.

Four PRSSA members are still awaiting reimbursement for a funds allocation that was approved in the fall. The only explanation offered to these individuals is that SGA representatives had thought it was taken care of. Granted, the SGA did look into the matter and upon doing so assured the PRSSA members that they would have their funds by March. It is now nearing the end of April and the funds are still not accounted for.

PRSSA members are not the only students on campus who have been victims of the efficiency of the SGA budget. Other organizations have complained of problems with receiving their allocated funds. It was explained by the SGA that any discrepancies would be cleared up on a statement next fall, but this does nothing to satiate the checking accounts of people who fronted the money under the assumption they would be reimbursed by the SGA. Money from next year’s budget will do nothing to help the people who will not be here next year.

The efficiency of the SGA budget is clearly debatable at this point. While it is possible that groups, organizations and individuals may not have an adequate understanding of the process by which funds are allocated, it is equally necessary that the SGA take on the responsibility of thoroughly educating groups, organizations and individuals on this process.

If, however, it is more than a simple misunderstanding of the process, there is a lot to be accomplished between now and next fall’s allocations of funds.