Open houses make campus feel like home

by Vista Kalipa

Students may have noticed the flurry of open houses that have taken place across campus over the last few months. These open houses are an initiative by the faculty and staff’s Communication Committee.

“I actually came up with this idea because I felt that the Simpson community needed to know what was going on in other buildings and get to know the people who are there,” said Sue Bowlin, communication committee member and campus mailroom supervisor.

Another reason for these open houses is to get people out of their buildings to come out and explore other buildings and communities on campus. “We want to get people out and about and meet others so they can see what they do,” said Bowlin.

These open houses have had great reception and support from the Simpson community.

Buildings such as the Carver Science Hall have used this event for more than it was intended. Carver personnel used this opportunity to showcase its new state-of-the-art equipment and some of the projects that faculty and students have been involved in.

“I think that the open houses provide the campus with a sense of togetherness and more of a family atmosphere,” said sophomore Susan Woods.

According to Bowlin, the only few glitches in the event have been bad weather, major events going on around town and simply poor scheduling.

Despite the hindrances, the success of the open houses proves that there has been a desire and longing for an event like this.

“So far it has been exciting to see how others react to it,” said Bowlin.

Most people who have attended the open houses seem to have enjoyed them and some have expressed to the committee that they feel the idea is a terrific one.

There are more open houses coming up-for those buildings that have not had the opportunity to host one due to conflicts in schedules.

The buildings that have experienced and benefited from these events are: Brenton Student Center, Dunn Library, Smith Chapel, Carver Science Hall, Hillman and McNeill Halls, Blank Performing Arts Center, the Art Center, Mary Berry and Cowles.

For more information about the open houses or the Communication Committee, please contact Sue Bowlin at 961-1638.

In the meantime, the Simpson community will reap the benefits of this opportunity to explore unfamiliar areas of campus and form more meaningful relationships with faculty, staff and student from various departments and buildings.