Acceptance must come with diversity

by The Simpsonian

Although Simpson tends to be open about the gay community it hosts on campus, it takes time and careful consideration to become part of that minute crowd. As gay students have noted, there is a fear that the community will not accept them.

There are only pockets of acceptance and open-minded people at Simpson. Not everyone on this campus is understanding and accepting of the frankness that the gay community provides for the rest of the student body.

Simpson college has struggled for years to achieve diversity, but embracing and accepting that diversity must be an integral part of achieving it. The two elements go hand in hand.

Although groups such as LGBTQA accept its gay and lesbian members, it takes work to find a group of people on campus that you can count on for approval. Small campuses lack a certain amount of anonymity and privacy and in turn bring many more obstructions on the way to openness for these individuals.

Groups such as LBGTQA, CASA and CMS are important in providing an outlet for minority students and a way for other students to broaden their views. The activities they host on campus provide the entire community with exposure to learn about other cultures and lifestyles.

With fear of being violated or protested against, women aren’t as outspoken as the males on campus, creating yet another roadblock to social awareness and diverse opinions on campus.

It becomes necessary for the entire community to understand the fears of those students and embrace them for who they are. Groups such as LGBTQA provide an outlet of support, but it must reach far beyond such groups and into every corner of campus.