Antigone Rising

by Matt Bower

“The band was born on a small farm in a town with no name. Forced to walk to and from school, sometimes without shoes, the girls decided the only way out was to start a rock band…but not just any rock band. Their hope, their dream, their highest aspiration was to be reminded on a nightly basis that they are chicks…chicks who rock.” (

Okay, so the band wasn’t born on a small farm in a town with no name and of course they wore shoes, but Antigone Rising is indeed a band of chicks that rock. The resume of bands that Antigone Rising has played with in the past includes label mates O.A.R., The Pushstars, Tonic, Vertical Horizon, and the famous Joan Jett, among others.

Antigone Rising’s largest influence is attributed to the vintage, classic rock of Aerosmith-a sound that is not too common among today’s popular tastes in music.

This day in age, the popular songs that are heard on radio include angry raps from Eminem, that fun southern slang from Nelly, or the next hit from pop princess Christina.

When one does find a rock station, the majority of the selections heard are usually of the Nu Metal brand-bands like Disturbed, Godsmack, and perhaps the new Metallica record, though that can be debated, come to mind. Although, more and more bands such as Chevelle and Trapped, with that radio rock sound for lack of a better term, are emerging too.

Nothing against any of these bands or artists, but they just do not produce that classic vintage

rock sound that we’ve come to enjoy from the likes of Aerosmith, Lynard Skynard, and The Eagles, to name a few.

However, Antigone Rising does follow this rare path. The double bass drumming of the Nu Metal sound is non-existent. In fact, most of the songs seem to be driven by the strings-Anne Marie on bass, Cathy on lead guitar, and Kristin on rhythm guitar. Drummer Dena provides a steady beat, however, she usually lets the strings begin the songs, often with a bright sound. Kristin not only plays the rhythm guitar, she also helps out Dena with percussion. Cathy joins Kristin on backing vocals with Cassidy playing the role of front woman on lead vocals.

Cassidy has a bit of a rugged voice that goes along with the almost garage band like feel of this group. She tends to hold out a lot of notes, though she doesn’t seem to ever scream, she just sings and keeps the songs moving along. She sings with feeling and purpose.

There is almost a country twang to the music, but don’t be scared because it’s hardly noticeable; just enough there to be present and add flavor to the music.

So how did Simpson get this band to perform on campus?

“We took eight or nine students to Nashville, Tenn., to a live talent showcase,” said Rich Ramos, who is also in charge of CAB. “The students saw Antigone Rising perform as part of the showcase and they voted to bring them to Simpson.”

Ramos said the student reaction so far has been “fairly positive.”

This was the band’s first visit to the campus, but hopefully not their last.