Simpson in need of a few medical changes


by Simpson College

Simpson students may seem lighthearted about the medical services our college provides, but are all aspects considered?

Although there are three clinics located in good old Indianola, checkups are not all that easy to schedule. There have been many students who called for appointments and couldn’t be seen by a doctor for days.

Yet, it is Simpson student’s only option when there isn’t an on-call nurse available 24 hours a day on campus.

It’s not as though we don’t have a nurse, because we do. But, when students are ill, how easy is it for them to come in on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when class schedules and other arrangements are already planned.

Even if we are sick, most students trudge to class due to strict attendance policies made by professors.

We all know that BSC can hand out hospital slips all day, yet we still feel as though the services are not at their best.

Clinics aren’t open at night when students seem to need them the most, and the next closest option is the ER in Des Moines. Even if the health service needed may not be an emergency, students feel as though this is their best option for their needs, even when the cost of ER can be deadly.

We know we’re not the only people on campus who feel that having an on-call nurse would benefit each and every student here at Simpson.

It wouldn’t matter the time of day or the medical situation on hand, someone would be there in minutes for assistance.