Security Log

by compiled Shara Tibken

Date of incident: 9/26/03

Time of incident: 2:25 pm

Type of incident: Fire alarm

Location: Kresge

Police assistance: No

Narrative: Fire alarm activated in Kresge. Alarm panel statedthe location as third floor. No pull stations activated orfire/smoke present. Alarm was reset.

Date of incident: 9/30/03

Time of Incident: 10:25pm

Type of Incident: Medical Assistance

Location: Kresge

Police Assistance: Yes

Narrative: 911 called due to medical issue involving studenthaving trouble breathing. Student was transported to Mercy.

Date of incident: 10/5/03

Time of incident: 3:55 am

Type of incident: Fire

Location: Cowles

Police Assistance: Yes

Narrative: Fire in dumpster on west side of Cowles. IndianolaFire called. Fire put out. No damage to Cowles building.