Simply Stated

by Simpson students

I want to play more LAN games here on campus.

~ Game Addict

I can’t believe we have a thong (hater)… this is college WElove dem thongz. And it’s going on (thongz rule!).

~ Mr.j0kah, the ghetto

Response to last week’s column: Intolerace will not betolerated:First off the title of this article is an oxymoron. Notto be tolerant of those who are intolerant is intolerance initself. I would just like to say that in America we have the rightto be intolerant of whoever we want, as long as no one’s rights areinterfered with, it is called freedom of association.

~ True American

To True American,

You are entirely correct that in America we have the right to beintolerant of whomever we please. But having the right to dosomething does not make it an admirable quality. Intolerance, whileacceptable in the larger society, is something Simpson is trying toovercome. Hopefully on this college campus we can teach toleranceand acceptance for all.

~ Schmidt

Why is CAB not doing the most popular of their activities fromprevious years? What is this activity? Casino Night– it broughtfaculty, staff and students together for a great time!

~ Casey

News Flash…. It was reported earlier today that Matt Morainfell off the Empire State Building and only sprained his ankle.Also, congrats to Matt on winning the Homecoming representative. Iencourage all to vote for him for King. Tune in Next weekkids…same MATT time…same MATT channel.

~ Pres. of the Matt Morain Fan Club

Our house has the worst luck in the world… let’s go getyogurt!!!

~ Sexy Mexy

There once was a house on the street of “E.” Who once in a whilethrew a party. Until one night things went awry. Freshman startedclaiming they knew “this guy.” We knew not who they were and didn’tmean to be rude. But then they busted out their attitude. So Irolled up the sleeves and without a shout. Called their B.S. andmade them get out. So if you don’t know anyone, remember to bekind. Or it might be you who gets kicked in the behind.

~ Watch Out Fish