Throw me a “Bone”

Throw me a Bone

by Mandy Frohling

On a weekly basis, college students travel to Des Moines to sitat a small table in a dark, smoky room lit only by the lone candlein the center of the table while listening to the hilarious anticsof various comedians and performers at The Funny Bone.

Some of The Funny Bone’s more notable performers are PaulyShore, Jamie Fox and Chris Rock. Many of the acts performed at TheFunny Bone require crowd participation. Hypnotists and magiciansinvite people from the crowd to join them onstage and contribute tothe entertainment.

The dark, candle-lit tables provide the perfect romanticatmosphere for couples. The slapstick humor helps ease first datejitters by convincing a few laughs and sparking conversationbetween strangers.

For those not searching for love, the relaxed atmosphereprovides a cozy spot to relax with friends.

After arriving, customers are quickly ushered to a table wherethey view the performance. They immediately meet their waiter orwaitress who continues with the efficient service for the durationof the evening. The servers at The Funny Bone make sure customershave beverages and snacks to last throughout the entirety of theshow.

The hors d’oeuvres offered vary from spicy buffalo wings tocheese stick and nachos. Customers must be cautious however,because without paying attention, a college student could quicklyblow their tuition on the pricy appetizers and cocktails.

Wednesdays are college night and a reduced cover charge of $1 isoffered to students with a college ID. The performances begin at 8p.m. and due to the large number of people that attend, it isimportant to arrive early to get a good seat.

The shows last around two hours, giving students ample time toreturn home and get ready for a big test without staying up untilearly morning hours.

The Funny Bone is a popular place among college students whocrave somewhere to go for a cheap laugh. Tasty, but expensivesnacks, are served by workers who politely rob innocent collegestudents. The fun continues even after leaving, due to the layer ofsmoke inherited during the show that still lingers on hair andclothing.

All in all, The Funny Bone can tickle many funny bones, whileemptying many pockets.