Future of Storm Street Express in question

by Suzanne Barrett

If more students, faculty and staff don’t begin to take advantage of the Storm Street Grill Express Line it could be shut down at the end of the semester, according to Vince LoVan, Sodexho general manager.

“We are getting anywhere from 18 to 20 students, faculty and staff a day going through the Express Line, said LoVan. “It would be more feasible to have 25 to 50 people a day, but we don’t want to jump into anything right now and take it away.”

Many freshmen say that they aren’t informed about the food programs at Simpson, which could be attributing to the problem.

“The school needs to make it more clear to the freshmen students about the dining programs here,” said freshman Brooke Johnson. “I just found out about the Express Line from one of my roommates today.”

Freshman Stephanie Siemers agrees.

“If they want to get more business [at the Storm Street Grill Express], they need to publicize it at orientation and post it on the Internet,” she said.

The Express Line is open 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and is located in BSC to the left of the Storm Street Grill.

It opens at 11:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m. Students are able to choose from two hot food items that are being served in Pfeiffer Dining Hall that day and also a salad bar.

LoVan said that the food service office is going to advertise the Express Line more and post the menu in order to try and keep it open.

“We anticipate a pick up in business as soon as more advertising is done,” he said.

LoVan said that students can also help.

“If students have any ideas on how the Express could be better, I would love their input,” said LoVan.