Simpson gets preview of new student center

by Shara Tibken

1. More handicapped accessible. Every level will be accessibleby elevator, and there will be more than one elevator in thebuilding.

2. Possibly adding a pub. Students will be able to hang out andrelax in this dining area. It may contain pool tables anddarts.

3. More meeting spaces for organizations. The current BSC hasonly two rooms to hold meetings. The new student center will havemany more than this for groups to have places to meet.

4. Three-story building. The new student center will have twostories going up and one story going down in the basement. Thecurrent BSC is counted as a three-story building, but it has atleast 10 different levels.

5. Balcony on the northwest side

6. Two courtyards, one on the west and one on the south

7. Bigger structure than the current BSC

8. More space for events to be held, such as concerts andwedding receptions

9. Two large meeting halls on the first floor.

10. The building will be constructed in the style of the otherbuildings on campus. It will blend in with the traditional, statelyarchitecture of the other buildings rather than appearing toomodern.

11. Brighter. The lighting will be better in the new studentcenter.

Plans for a new student center have been advancing steadily overthe past few months.

WTW, the architectural firm hired by Simpson to design thebuilding, recently came to campus to present preliminary conceptualdesigns of the building.

Students and employees of Simpson were able to view thesedesigns on display in Camp Lounge in the current BSC.

“[WTW came] so everyone has a good idea of what the studentcenter will look like and can give their input on the appearance ofit before we get to the point of digging a hole in the ground,”said Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students.

Ramos said that WTW representatives have been traveling toSimpson once every two or three months.

“When we get to the point of blueprints, they will probably beback more frequently,” said Ramos.

Preparing to build the new student center is a lengthyprocess.

First, WTW must prepare the conceptual designs for approval. Thecollege can then suggest changes to these designs. After this, thechanges are made by WTW and the desings are resubmitted forapproval.

“The designs that WTW recently brought are very close to ageneral design we want for the building,” said Ramos. “I doubt thatthe there will be major changes to the drawing, but some walls orother things may move.”

Minor changes have already been made to the drawings, somethingRamos said will be happening consistently for the next severalmonths.

After the designs have been completely approved by the college,WTW will prepare blueprints.

Once blueprints have been approved, it will be time to constructthe building.

“Once we get to the point where we have final plans, WTW willdraw up construction documents,” said Ramos.

WTW will put out bids for the building process. Constructioncompanies will place bids depending on how much they think it willcost for them to build the new student center.

Simpson will choose from the companies based on factors such asreputation and cost.

After the building process is completed, a “punch list” will bemade, according to Ramos.

A punch list is an inventory of the flaws in the buildingcompiled by the contractor, construction company, architects andauthorities at Simpson after a thorough examination of the buildinghas been made.

Any flaws will be fixed before the building is consideredcomplete.

In the meantime, the architects and Simpson will remain busydesigning the building.