Simply Stated

by Simpson campus

I don’t think the studies have been done before, but can wecheck the ratio of Simpson College dropouts to those who playCounterstrike 24/7?

~ Atari Fan

A very good and moving article by Vista this week.

Excellent job!

~ Joe

I think we need to remember that there are more athletics goingon that football. Have you noticed that other teams are nationallyranked? Can we hear more about them? Start being fair and givingeach team equal coverage!

~ Upset Student

You know what I really miss this year, Dave Morain. Can weplease bring the one with talent back?

~ Melinda

Why would anyone want to go to see John Edward’s wife? Who wouldsupport him? Only tree hugging hippies.

~ James Jams

If you are a senator vote against giving CAB any more money.They already receive enough of the student government fee, leavethe rest for smaller organizations who would reach another part ofcampus other than the 200 people that CAB reaches out to eachweek.

If you are not a senator, contact your senator, telling him orher to vote no to give CAB more funding to waste.

~ Amanda

I hate the cold season. Keep your germs to yourself, becauseright now I’ve gone through more tissues than an intern at”Hustler” magazine.

~ Congested

Can we just say that Pemina (A.K.A. Mo) did a spectacular job atSaturday nights performance of the Magic Flute!! Her voice was likebutter!!

~ Guada and Guada’s Owner

I was just wondering if anyone was going to post the winners ofthe individual homecoming events?

~ Nigel