Barker addition good start, more needed

by The Simpsonian Editorial

Housing space continues to decrease as larger classes continueto enroll at Simpson.

Even with the addition of the Station Square Apartments therewere still many students put in temporary housing when they arrivedat the beginning of the semester.

More housing is defiantly needed for the school. Will anaddition to Barker be enough? On average around 350 students enrolleach year at Simpson. This last year between 400 and 500 newstudents enrolled.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the norm, ifthis growth continues where will they go next?

If the Barker addition won’t be completed until 2005, what do wedo until then?

In the fall they were able to keep up with the housing problemby changing some two-person rooms to three-person rooms, and somethree-person rooms to four-person rooms. They also had somestudents move in to what should have been lounges.

While this works as a temporary solution to the problem, theneed for more housing is obvious.

It’s good that the school is addressing the problem, so that inthe future temporary housing will be just that: temporary.