Overrated topics at Simpson in 2003

by Vista Kalipa

As the end of the semester draws near, we get so deeplyenveloped in our studies that we sometimes lose track of what’sgoing on in the world around us. We get so consumed we sometimeseven lose touch with our own selves and the importance of humanity.As we get closer and closer to Christmas, I’d like you to stop andthink about that four-year-old sitting in an orphanage with no realfamily to give her Christmas list to.

As you write your own list, consider the two-year-old livingwith AIDS in some sub-Saharan African country, with no one to lovehim, with no family to call his own, with no ability to play withhis friends, with no control over the virus he received at birth.An item of clothing, a can of food, a drop of water, a simple smileor hug or act of benevolence could make one little boy or girl avery happy soul.

As you prepare your to-do list this Christmas, I’d like toinvite you to consider visiting a home, an orphanage or a youthcenter to make somebody else’s Christmas a really special one.Christmas is a time to spread love and joy, yet thousands ofchildren around the world do not receive that message.

I’d like for us to consider those families who’ll be devastatedthis Christmas because a loving member of their family wasvictimized by the war.

As we say our prayers this holiday season, let’s consider thosefamilies who are less privileged than ours and pray they, too, feeland experience the love that we do.

As we wrap up the year, it is my duty to bring to you some ofthe most overrated topics at Simpson in the year 2003. Disclaimer:What you’re about to read does not reflect the opinions of anyoneother than the author.

1. Building of the new student center: What a great idea, whatgreat designs we’ve seen and what a change that’ll be for Simpson.This is definitely a positive step toward a brighter future. WE GETIT!

2. Enrollment numbers went up: Oh what a great job theadmissions office is doing. I applaud them on a job well done. Now,let’s see how many students we can pile up in such a tiny containerbefore it becomes a fire code violation. I am already havingpremonitions about next year. A ratio of six students per room(6:1). Let’s go for it!

3. The Australia trip: What a big fuss. Of course it’s wonderfulthat students get the opportunity to see Australia and do “fun”things over there. But really people, what is the big deal aboutit? The sign up list for the trip was filled up in an instant. Ijust don’t see why you didn’t find Mongolia to be just as fun.C’mon now folks, who’d give up horseback riding in Mongolia forsnorkeling in Australia?

4. Speaking of Australia, a large number of students are said tobe having their eyes on this proposed exchange program with CurtinUniversity. Australia has suddenly made it on the “It” list atSimpson. Is it maybe because students are finally realizing thatnot going home every weekend is a positive step towardindependence, that spending a few months away from homestate/country is a really good sign of personal growth andindependence?

5. The unsolved mystery over the sudden Dennis Hunt’sresignation. Like I said, it’s a mystery.

6. The immature and anonymous bashing on the “SimplyStated.”

7. The abundant display of confusingly international food inPfeiffer Dining Hall.

8. The unlimited supply of vegetarian food groups in the dininghall is absolutely overwhelming. Some students are even encounteredwith a tough decision as to what to choose from.

9. Parking is, of course, never a problem here. Why would wecomplain about it?

10. The fact that the newspaper printed and published nothingelse this year, but SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX! In fact, the first 11 ofits 12 pages were nothing but sex articles, which ranged fromstories about enrollment, increase in faculty salaries and thefootball team’s successful year.

Oh yeah, it’s all about sex.